Embracing the Gavel: Inspiring the Philippine Barristas

  In the hallowed halls of legal pursuit, where dreams take root and flourish in the hearts of barristas, a journey unfolds, a quest for justice and truth that knows no bounds. The Philippine Bar Examinations, a formidable challenge, a beacon of hope, and a testament to resilience, beckons you forth with open arms. As you stand on the precipice of this monumental endeavor, know that you carry not only your aspirations but the aspirations of a nation yearning for a just society, a society that thrives on the foundation of your knowledge and integrity. The weight of the law rests upon your shoulders, and with each word you inscribe, you mold the future of this great archipelago. In the quiet solitude of late-night studies and the camaraderie forged in coffee-fueled conversations, you have nurtured the seeds of your legal acumen. You have navigated through the labyrinthine intricacies of jurisprudence, dissecting case after case, each one a testament to human resolve and the pursuit of fa

More Updates on the Philippine Bar Reviewer Discussion pages: Bread Crumbs Responsive Bar 2023 Syllabus

 This weekend I'm able to add three updates to the site as follows:  Bar 2023 Syllabus in the discussions tab defaults to Expand All. Breadcrumbs feature on the question discussion page is now implemented. Responsive Bar 2023 Syllabus. Bar 2023 Syllabus in the  discussions tab  defaults to Expand All To save clicks, the bar 2023 syllabus now defaults to Expand All. Upon page load, users can easily spot the topics and questions listings. Collapse all and toggle views are still available.  Breadcrumbs To further enhance question navigation, I've added a breadcrumb feature in the Question Discussion page. uhmm okay, there is still no feature to interact here but at least that's the roadmap - to make this page a venue to exchange ideas and knowledge with fellow barristers.  Breadcrumb - Responsive Bar 2023 Syllabus Clicking the breadcrumb URL will lead you back to the Bar 2023 syllabus, specifically the part of the chosen topic and its subtopics. Coming up Next week I'm ho

Discussions Tab Additions and Discuss a Question Page - MVP

  For this weekend, I'm able to optimize the performance of the Discussions tab and added SEO component to the page to make it search engine friendly. I've also fixed the URL pointing to the question discussion page for each of the questions.  Still this is in it's MVP form however, it should already make it handy to  navigate through the official 2023 Bar syllabus to find relevant questions for each topic. This Bar 2023 syllabus is derived from the official publications found in the Judiciary website.   Question Discussion Page MVP Upon clicking on the question hyperlinks, it will lead to the corresponding discussion page of that question. Again for now this is just the MVP form of this page, not much to do here but next few enhancements will focus on this feature. And my wish is to quickly integrate this with our official facebook page. 

Introducing A Revolutionary Approach to Bar Exam Preparation

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