More Updates on the Philippine Bar Reviewer Discussion pages: Bread Crumbs Responsive Bar 2023 Syllabus

 This weekend I'm able to add three updates to the site as follows: 

  • Bar 2023 Syllabus in the discussions tab defaults to Expand All.
  • Breadcrumbs feature on the question discussion page is now implemented.
  • Responsive Bar 2023 Syllabus.

Bar 2023 Syllabus in the discussions tab defaults to Expand All

To save clicks, the bar 2023 syllabus now defaults to Expand All. Upon page load, users can easily spot the topics and questions listings. Collapse all and toggle views are still available. 


To further enhance question navigation, I've added a breadcrumb feature in the Question Discussion page. uhmm okay, there is still no feature to interact here but at least that's the roadmap - to make this page a venue to exchange ideas and knowledge with fellow barristers. 

Breadcrumb - Responsive Bar 2023 Syllabus

Clicking the breadcrumb URL will lead you back to the Bar 2023 syllabus, specifically the part of the chosen topic and its subtopics.

Coming up

Next week I'm hoping to be able to add more features to the discussion page to make it actually allow discussions to happen. 


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